In 2017 Yara offered visitors to the event the opportunity to speak to  experts about finding the right fertilizer to suit their soil, their system and their livestock

Fertilizers can do so much more than just grow more quality grass, innovative products like our Booster range also promote animal health and increase grazing intakes.

We know how important it is to make the most of your on-farm manure nutrients and can help you choose the fertilizer that will balance what you already have by selecting the correct grade to give you exactly what you need for your farm.

Three experts in their  Grassland Clinic were on hand to answer all your nutrition questions:


Jon Telfer – If you want to make the best management decisions then you have to know what you already have. Jon is an expert in all things analytical and can help you work out what you have by testing your soils and analysing grass and manures. If you have some recent results you can always bring them with you to discuss with Jon. “Measure to manage” is the way to go.


Nigel Hester – a wealth of knowledge to help make those practical fertilizer decisions to balance what you have with what you need. Nigel can help choose the right product to give you an accurate and even spread and ensure you unlock the true potential of your grassland!



Philip Cosgrave – A man who really knows his grass! Philip can advise you on how to manage your grass to get maximum value and return. Ask Philip about everything from reseeding to feeding and grazing to ensiling for maximum returns for your livestock enterprise.