Visitors to Grassland & Muck could earn 12 Dairy Pro, 12 BASIS and 2 NRoSO points.  Points for attending the event were awarded as follows:

  • 2 BASIS points awarded per day
  • 2 NRoSO points awarded for attending the event
  • 2 Dairy Pro points

Additional BASIS and Dairy Pro points could be earnt through attending a talk or forum or visiting various exhibitors across the event as detailed below.

BASIS points 

A maximum of 12 BASIS points can be collected at the event. You will gain 2 points each day for general event attendance and there are a maximum of 4 extra points available each day by visiting exhibitors on the knowledge trail and correctly answering their quizzes:

  • 4R Group – stand 908
  • ADAS – stand 906
  • British Sugar – stand 305
  • Dow Agro Science – stand 314
  • DSV – stand 433
  • Germinal – stand 325
  • Horizon Seeds – stand 432
  • Limagrain – stand 121
  • Natural England – stand 904
  • Nufarm – stand 443
  • Secanim – stand 558
  • Soil Fertility Services – stand 311
  • The Glenside Group – stand 316

To collect BASIS points all you need to do is visit BASIS on stand number 452 sign in and collect your knowledge trail card and start earning your points.

NRoSO points 

A maximum of 2 NRoSO points are available for attending Grassland & Muck. You can register for these points at the BASIS stand number 452.


Dairy Pro points 

A maximum of 12 Dairy Pro points are available for attending the event. You will gain 2 points each day for attending and there are a maximum of 8 extra points available which can be gained by:

  • Attending a forum or advice talk
  • Completing the Grass Fact Finding Mission
  • Visiting certain exhibitors

To collect your Dairy Pro attendance points all you need to do is visit the AHDB stand number 323 and sign in. You can also start the Grass Fact Finding Mission and begin earning your points!

Forums and talks you can attend to earn extra points

You can earn 1 additional Dairy Pro point for each forum session or advice talk you attend.  To collect your points for attending a forum or talk please ensure you sign the register at either the forum theatre or in the ADAS marquee.

Production from grass forums – stand 301
Time Session Speaker
10:30 Pasture improvement – A variety of decisions Charlie Morgan, GrassMaster
11:30 Small changes to boost grass yield & quality Jon Telfer, Yara
12:30 Milk from forage – realising the true value Richard Simpson, Kingshay


Driving sheep performance from grass Dr Liz Genever, AHDB

Sam Clarke, sheep farmer



Increasing beef production per hectare Sarah Pick, AHDB  

Matt House, Beef Farmer

14:30 Manure management to maximise nutrient use efficiency John Williams, ADAS
 Soils & Nutrient Advice Talks – ADAS stand 906
Times Topic/Title Speaker

12:30  14:30 

Practical guide to assessing and improving soil structure for profitability Dr Paul Newell Price, ADAS



Managing drainage to improve productivity Kirk Hill, ADAS

Completing the Grass Fact Finding Mission

Earn two Dairy Pro points by completing the Grass Fact Finding Mission.  Simply visit these five exhibitors and answer a few questions about the varieties on the updated Recommended Grass and Clover Lists and on general grass management.  All the answers are available on the stands.

Over 40 different recommended grasses and clovers have been sown at Grassland & Muck this year and this provides an opportunity to go and have a look at them all.

You can start at any of the five participating stands which are:

  • AHDB – stand 323
  • Barenbrug – stand 310
  • DLF – stand 318
  • Germinal – stand 325
  • NIAB-TAG – stand 427

Return your completed forms to AHDB on stand 323 to earn your 2 Dairy Pro points.

Exhibitors you can visit to earn extra points

  • Limagrain – stand 121 (1 point available)
  • Horizon Seeds – stand 432 (1 point available)
  • Kingshay – stand 447 (1 point available)
  • Germinal – stand 325 (2 points available)

All you need to do is visit these stands and take part in the Dairy Pro activity to earn your additional points. Don’t forget to log your points at each stand you visit.