Ragley Estate,

GRASS improvement using Satellite TECHnologies: GRASSS-TECH

22 May 2017

GRASSS-TECH is a 12 month project which investigates the feasibility of measuring grass yield and quality remotely by using satellite sensing technologies.

If successful then the technology will enable farmers to improve yield and quality by optimising the timing of silage harvest, producing grass growth curves for bench marking and creating yield/quality maps which will enable precision management of crop inputs (e.g. fertilisers).

The project is highly innovative because it aims to develop techniques for exploiting high temporal frequency optical and all-weather radar remote sensing technologies, and additional uniqueness will be achieved if grass quality can also be sensed.

GRASSS-TECH is a collaborative project between industry partners; ADAS (company carrying out agricultural research and consultancy) and Precision Decisions (company supplying precision farming services) together with the levy board AHDB.

For initial results and to find out more about this project visit the ADAS stand (906) at Grassland & Muck or contact pete.berry@adas.co.uk or ben.hockridge@adas.co.uk

Editor’s Note

ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of agricultural and environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice to government. Established over 75 years ago, ADAS is unique within the environmental, agricultural and rural sectors. Our strong scientific and research skills provide us with an evidence base on which we are able to deliver real solutions to our clients. Through our experienced specialist consultants, we deliver specific, strategic and policy advice, as well as applied/strategic R&D.


Precision Decisions were established in 2004 and provide practical on farm advice and support for farmers and growers looking to invest and use precision farming technologies.