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News from Oliver Seeds at Grass & Muck 2017

Landmark leys take centre stage at Grass & Muck 


Oliver Seeds is showcasing an increasingly popular mixture on their stand at Grass and Muck 2017 at Stoneleigh this year. Landmark Extreme is a highly productive and persistent mixture for cutting or grazing on adverse sites.

“It is important to consider what will grow, perform and persist in less than ideal conditions these days,” says Oliver Seeds general manager Rod Bonshor. “Sometimes ryegrass alone won’t meet the needs of the field and variable climate. Including other species within the mixture helps out when situations get tough.”

Central to Landmark Extreme are the festuloliums Lofa and Fojtan, aided by deep rooting and persistent cultivars of cocksfoot and meadow fescue – which can survive testing conditions, be it drought or waterlogging.

The only perennial ryegrass in the mixture is a late tetraploid called Aspect and Winnetou timothy is also included.

“Landmark Extreme is flexible, forgiving and shows excellent summer potential from all the species,” adds Mr. Bonshor.

“The ryegrass has good rust resistance and high feed quality and Donata cocksfoot is a new soft leaved type that is more palatable to stock than some leading perennial ryegrass varieties. Each species adds something to the resulting ley.”

A dual-purpose white clover bend and 2% birdsfoot trefoil make up the legume part of the mixture, producing a sward that has a higher potential protein output than a sward just made up of ryegrasses.

Landmark Extreme will be growing on the Oliver Seeds plot, as will many of the other mixtures from the company’s portfolio.






Landmark Extreme produces high yields for silage even when conditions are far from ideal



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