Yara are delighted to be partnering once again with Grassland and Muck in 2020. We have worked closely together to create a process to ensure that Ragley Estate will be provided with the correct nutrients at the correct time and at the correct application rate to grow quality swards of grass for the event.

Yara fertiliser solutions help farmers increase yield and profit.

We provide sustainable crop nutrition solutions, supporting farmer profitability through knowledge, quality and productivity.

Yara can look back on more than 170 years of business in the UK developing and supplying high quality plant nutrient products for farmers and growers and more recently suppliers to the amenity and protected glasshouse sectors. Since the start in 1843 until today, the company’s focus has been to be a leading crop nutrition provider specializing in nitrogen and NPKS fertilisers.

With different company names and acquisitions, evolving from Fisons, to Yara UK Limited via Norsk Hydro and Hydro Agri whilst incorporating Chafer liquid fertilisers and Phosyn foliar and micro-nutrient products, the company has provided customers in the UK with superior products, services and the best advice.

Info about what there will be to see on the Yara stand

Centrally located beside the seminar marquee the Yara stand will be an inviting space for farmers to discuss their grassland strategies with Yara representatives. Visitors can look forward to discussing their areas of interest over a cup of Yara grown coffee with the Yara team.

Yara look forward to sharing with you our farmer case study and demonstrating to you the benefits of using a high quality compound fertiliser.      

Details on the Yara forum

Yara’s technical forum titled ‘Grassland fertilization – simple steps to success!’ will see expert advice and insight from Philip Cosgrave, Nigel Hester and Jon Telfer, each weighing in on specific strategies for improving soil nutrition and ultimately achieving better results on the farm.

The forum will include discussions on soil and manure analysis creating results-driven nutrient management plans which in turn will generate correct application rates, maximising return on investment while protecting the environment.

Jon Telfer is clear that analysis should be key to realising your grass crop’s potential:

“Soil is a farm’s biggest asset, and tools like soil health analysis and mineral analysis can ensure that asset receives the input it requires. Healthy soil is the foundation for higher yields and quality on the farm – farmers need to make sure their soil is working for them. Our forum will help farmers to do just that.”

As key partners of the Grassland & Muck Event, Yara are dedicated to supporting farmers in achieving optimal yields. This is even more crucial following a long period of extreme weather conditions.

“Yara has always gone beyond offering their range of products and the occasional bit of advice,” adds Philip Cosgrave. “We have the resources and knowledge to work directly with farmers and support their unique circumstances and goals. As partners of the Grassland & Muck Event, our goal is to arm you with the best possible tools and tactics. This forum will be an invaluable resource for grassland farmers, whatever your approach or situation.”